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Contact CFMG - Customer Service, Claims, & Eligibility 6425 Christie Ave #110
Emeryville CA 94608
Phone: (510) 428-3154
Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm
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About Children First Medical Group

CFMG - Quality Health Care for Children - Northern CaliforniaChildren First Medical Group (CFMG) physicians provide quality health care for children in Northern California. We work with hundreds of physicians and specialists who provide the best care available for your child. CFMG is proud to provide health care services which are provided through a distinct, special relationship with UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.

The network of physicians participating with our individual practice association total more than 200 primary care physicians and 200 specialty physicians. Our practitioners are Northern California’s finest pediatricians and pediatric specialists, having trained and in some cases taught at many of the country’s finest medical institutions, offer a broad and diverse pediatric experience.

Children First Medical Group offers a wide range of HMO and PPO plans. We are a well-managed medical group and have been recognized for outstanding medical management.  

We have successfully scored in the 99th-100th percentile on every health plan audit over the past 10 years in the area of credentialing, quality assurance and financial performance.  Our members and physicians are satisfied with the performance of our staff and medical group. Our scores range between 93rd-96th percentiles annually.

Why Choose CFMG

CFMG was established to provide quality care for children and to ensure that all of your children’s preventative and emergency care is handled. The best specialists and medical providers belong to CFMG so you can rest assured that our focus is your child’s health care.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that should help make your decision process easy and remove the guess work when choosing CFMG as your medical group provider for your child.

Contact Us

We have several ways of providing patients and their families the services they need. Please see our CFMG Department Directory

Customer Service

Children First Medical Group provides extensive resources and information, but at times we find that you need that human interaction to ensure your needs are met. Our Customer Service page will help you find the right contact information.

Our Network and Locations

We have primary care physicians and specialists located throughout the bay area.  You can locate a physician in your area by clicking on our Network and Locations section under "About CFMG" or by calling Customer Service at 510-428-3154.

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