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Children First Medical Group's
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     Children First Medical Group, Inc. (CFMG) is continuing the member outreach text messaging program with a new vendor, Luma Health (Luma), in October 2022.

     The text messaging Healthcare Reminders assist our primary care physicians by contacting members via text to close care gaps for wellness visits, immunizations, or screening tests such as lead levels.

     The text messaging Healthcare Reminders will help CFMG improve the preventative health of our members using standard NCQA HEDIS measures as specified by Alameda Alliance for Health and Anthem Blue Cross.

      The Luma Healthcare Reminders will revolve around HEDIS measures, specifically wellness visits, immunizations, and lead screening to help CFMG achieve the minimum performance level (MPL) of the 50th percentile for each measure.

Program Details

      In October 2022, Luma began reaching out to some of your patients through SMS text messages and or phone calls. 
       Please note that the SMS messages will be sent under the name of Children First Medial Group and the practice name. Participating members will be encouraged to schedule appointments to remain up to date on specific health measures such as Annual Wellness Visits and Childhood Immunizations; but the physician will be the exact name of the member's physician/practice name at the time the list is generated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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